Where Do Household Pests Hide and Thrive?

PestsHousehold pests include both insects and small rodents, like mice or shrews. The type of pest invading your home can vary by your location and the condition of your home. Understanding where pest control workers look first can help you determine where the pests are living in your home.

While some pests are looking for food and shelter, others need ideal living conditions. Once you understand what pests look for in your home, you can create an environment that discourages these pests.

Pest control services know where to look for common pests, and if you do too, you can help put unwanted pests under control in between exterminator visits.

Where Roaches and Other Insects Live

Pest control workers know insects, including roaches, look for homes that offer moisture and warmth. Common household clutter like garbage and dirty dishes attract roaches and other insects. You’re likely to find roaches and other insects in bathrooms or any room that provides the right conditions.

Roaches often hide under sinks, toilets, and behind or between washers and dryers. You may also find these pests living in or near vents and ducts. Cockroaches seek any areas that offer plenty of moisture, even floor drains and sump pump areas.

Understanding Spiders' Needs

Spiders are not insects, so these pests look for quiet, dark areas to hide and thrive. Pests are opportunistic and find refuge in many areas of the home including boxes, stacks of blankets and other clothing, and unused furniture.

Mice and Other Small Rodents

Some pest control workers specialize in rodents. Mice and other small rodents look for shelter in areas with little or no foot traffic. The ideal areas are also warm and offer easy access to food sources. Squirrels and shrews are two common pests found in homes in the U.S. along with mice.

If you suspect small rodents, there are a few suitable areas to inspect.

  • Attic

  • Crawl space

  • Garage

  • Pantries

  • Wall voids

Homes with poorly fitting doors allow mice to find their way in. Small rodents only need about a 3/8 of an inch gap to squeeze in and invade your home.

Pest Control Tips to Keep Pests Out!

Homeowners can take steps to keep pests out. Once the pests set up home and build nests, they are there to stay. Whether you are trying to avoid pest infestations or trying to stop a reinfestation, follow these tips.

  • Seal up entryways to block access

  • Keep the rooms in your homes free of clutter

  • Vacuum up spider egg sacs and webs

  • Recycle papers, boxes, and other materials where spiders hide

  • Regularly inspect your closets, attics, and crawlspaces for signs of pests

All pests have some things in common. They all seek shelter in your home from the outdoor elements. Pests require protection and a living area close to water and food sources.

When you have a pest issue, call Magic City Pest Control to inspect your home. The professionals know where to look for common pests and have the tools and knowledge to get rid of your problem.

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