A Woman Owned Business

In honor of women’s history month we wanted to give a shout out to one of the woman owners of Magic City Pest Control.

The Woman at Magic City Pest Control

Samantha has been with Magic City Pest Control from the beginning and is committed to its success. She cares about providing quality services for customers, great jobs for employees, and being able to give back to her community in Birmingham.

Last year she was interviewed by Freshlime and a great article was published about her here. We are so grateful for her efforts and contributions to this business.

We know there are many other women owned businesses in our area, and today we would like to highlight another women who has recently kicked off her very own business!

No More Mess by Jess

Jess, a fellow Shelby county resident, runs a personal assistant service. Whether you are needing errands ran, appointments booked, a good deep clean, or laundry folded, Jess is your girl. She also specializes in decluttering and organizing homes so you can maximize your space and minimize your mess. “I love seeing my clients face once I’m done with their home! Let me put peace in your heart and help you relax!” - Jess, No More Mess by Jess

These two businesses go hand in hand, as the cleaner and tidier a home is the less pest issues will arise!

You can connect with Jess on Facebook and anyone who mentions they read about her on the MCPC blog can get 10% off!

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